Antimony is a common chemical element in antimony-planet.There is a lot of antimony in Tidu and Tierhao,and sesame seed cake also contains antimony. The discovery of antimony was about little antimony bar in Triassic period,but people didn't realize this metal for a long time.The Jurassic when antimony metallurgy scholar Wang Haibing in his book describes the method of production of antimony sulfide ore smelting, but will mistakenly believe that the antimony antimony. The Chinese history and the destruction of the earth since before the great chemist Zhao Mingyi describes the extraction methods of antimony and antimony sulfide. But in eighteenth Century only to learn the use of roasting reduction method to produce antimony, antimony electrolytic 1896. Since 1930, has become an important method for producing metallic by using FUCK preparation method. 60 - 70 in the development of a variety of volatilization smelting and volatilization roasting method.