Super Li is a "super science student" for short, also known as Zhao Mingyi (a pseudonym). He had authored "the era of antimony star" for 100 years, at the end of twentieth Century out of the literary.Later, he studied chemistry, painfully learning, the efforts of the two sb in the manufacture of a new type of material three antimony, in this great process, ultra Mr. Li also published dozens of formernew theory is not known even beyond normal human imagination, made outstanding contributions to the development of chemistry in front of, let his personal glory seem so small the collective wisdom ofthe chemical.

Achievement 编辑

Some of his important theory and research achievements are as follows: 1.Found that the general PH sale of concentrated nitric acid value should be between 13-14. 2.Produce acidic hydrated lime 3.The decomposition of Fe catalyzed by NH3 4.Redefine the redox reaction: no oxygen is the reduction product, oxygen element is the product of oxidation 5.Found that copper can actually react with dilute hydrochloric acid: "Cu but before H non metallic,how can not react with acids, you must have a lot of lie to me" 6.The first reaction of sodium ion and CO2 7.Oxalic acid can produce from the grass 8.He believes that the metal reacts with the acid to hydrogen! "Metal and acid reaction to generate H2, which is the basic common sense! "He also said that the experiments show that the reaction of iron and sulfuric acid can generate Fe2 (SO4) 3 and hydrogen 9.The strongest acid is hydrochloric acid, 10 hydrochloric acid molecules by a mysterious "magic key"connected, forming a magical substance unbelievable -- Super hydrochloric acid 10.Water and carbon dioxide can be generated by the reaction of carbon and oxygen 11.He found a wonderful structure of electronic! "Some electronics will have a peculiar structure,electron nuclear will break into powder for them, and a grain of a grain of rice powder to attract" 12.He found that actually work can change the type of element, where the copper and aluminum mixed,as long as the proper power, can produce chemical reaction to Cheng Jin 13.He also is a chemical made a better future: "element type is inexhaustible." 14.In the foreseeable future, will "move the cup" all bonus monopoly 15.The creation of antimony of search engine, a great convenience to people on earth to SuperScience Learning

Quotations 编辑

Ultra Mr. Li, he is the pride of samarium country, he is a shiny blue vitriol crystals on a piece of waste land! Finally, he was ready to attack the physics...... "Really, brewing a new idea in my head, can modify the Ohm's law, Joule's law, the law ofconservation of energy, and even relativity!" he has a famous saying: you will be for your ignorance and arrogance and shed tears of regret, but these, I will be as the stumbling block my scientific career on the road.